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Linda Fraine Art Blog

Ist Chalk Drawing

by lfraine01 , January 24, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: 3D images, anamorphic illusions, art, chalk, drawings,, pavement art, sidewalk painting

I am a new member of this site and this is so exciting. I am a portrait and trompe l'oeil painter for the most part. I have a website; and an Etsy shop at that I sell my note cards, originals and prints on. This weekend I am going to do something new. I will be in the Naples 2012 Chalk Drawing Event on 5th Ave in downtown Naples on Saturday January 28th. I am looking forward to it. The photo attached is the 1st draft of the piece that I will be drawing on the road. I have followed the chalk drawing top dogs; Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner for years and always thought it would be fun to do. well here will be my 1st attempt. Who knows it may be a new avenue for my art. Wish me luck!!! :)



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