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Leyla Murr Art Blog

May I introduce myself ....

by leylamurr , February 13, 2008—03:38 PM

Topics: abstract, burst of color, colourful collage, spring

I have only just joined your wonderful website and am looking forward to showing my work here.

I live in the UK and painting is my main preoccupation. My work varies in style depending on the mood I am in, but one thing that unifies all my paintings is the strong presence of colour.

Recently I have sold two paintings to a customer in California and am showing you here one that I painted this week, which is similar in style. This is oil on canvas.




  Gerald Van Scyoc

03/15/2010 * 23:33:50

Leyla, you truly are EVERYWHERE! Love the spring painting. Just what I needed to see after this long, cold, lonely winter.

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