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Since I was a child, I was always moved by the environmental crises moved to respond to it emotionally, then intellectually to convey the full breathe of its impacts its temporal and spatial permanence to create meaningful critiques and visual stories that reveal the hidden beauty within natural and man-made structures being destroyed and replaced____ in the name of progress. My visual art is driven by a need to capture beauty and collective memory inherent in Nature and in old decaying buildings both of which are in a state of decline, disrepair and neglect. My Neglect series uses Acrylic paint and mixed media to explore the meaning and impact of these neglected____ spaces and places and their importance in maintaining and understanding our cultural memory and consciousness: our connection to these landscape markers that act as memory banks. My experience as an artist started at the age of six with cartoon characters and comic books. The notion of heroism created a strong drive in me to make the world a better place. After completing a Bachelor and Masters degree in Environmental Studies from York University, I worked as a visual art instructor, environmental policy and conservation specialist, and youth facilitator; which led me to create environmentally themed artwork in 2006, which I showed at the York University Eco-Art Media Festivals. My strong arts foundation from McMaster University, Sheridan College and Max the Mutt, informed my ________"environmental art_________ which helps people learn about the ecological crisis and potential solutions. Add Comment


Les Luxemburger is a driven, compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate visual artist, art educator and facilitator, with ten years of combined experience in the fields of Environment, Art, outreach, facilitation and education. He utilizes skills from all these fields in his daily work as an artist, educator and facilitator.

Les Luxemburger obtained both his Bachelor and his Master degrees in Environmental Studies (MES) from York University, with a specialization in education and outreach for sustainable urban development and conservation. It is this interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues and sustainability, which allowed Les to create his Environmental Art for Sustainability Program (EASP).

While at York University, Les was actively involved in the Annual Eco-Art Media Festival, as both a volunteer and as an artist contributing work. His artwork included art installations such as the Glob-o-Vac, various drawings and paintings, performance art and spoken word. While also at York U, he was instrumental in starting York___'___'____________'__________________'_______________s first ever Earth Hour event, while coordinator with the Environmental Outreach Team (Eco-York).

As coordinator, Les was responsible for volunteer coordination, managing and coordinating events and programs, including presentations and workshops at primary and secondary schools in the GTA.

Les has six years of experience in the environmental field, most recently with Ducks Unlimited Canada, where he was a Conservation Programs Specialist ___'___'____________'__________________'_______________ Land Use Planning. Les has worked for AECOM, Toronto and Region Conservation, Credit Valley Conservation, SUDA, Windfall Ecology Centre, Ducks Unlimited, and York University. He has been a teaching Assistant at York U, a Tutor, and educator.

Les comes with several years of experience in facilitation, education and outreach. As Environmental and Sustainability Specialist with Sustainable Urban Development Association (SUDA), Les was effective in delivering over 70 presentations and information meetings with municipal planning staff, councilors, Mayors, Ministers, Policy Advisors and various groups, on issues of sustainability best practices, in addition to ways to develop without harming the delicate ecosystems, valuable assets to communities.

Since May 2011, Les has been a Facilitator with Trails Youth Initiative, a not-for profit organization that provides skills development, leadership training and personal growth development for inner city kids/youth in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). He really enjoys this position, finding it both challenging and highly rewarding.

All these experiences have shaped and continue to shape Les___'___'____________'__________________'_______________ practice as an artist, educator and facilitator. As Creative Director of ART on the Go, he provides high quality visual art, art education and creative consulting services to the private and public sector, including workshops and art courses for schools, individuals and educational institutions.

Les___'___'____________'__________________'_______________ Environmental Art for Sustainability Program (EASP) is being test-driven in York Region this spring and summer. The EASP is a community-level program that helps participants to learn how to use various art forms to engage with environmental issues important to them and their communities. Through these various art activities, including popular education, installation art, music/song, visual arts, dance and performance, participants express their concerns and through this process, communicate potential solutions.


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