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Leiann Klein About

Leiann Klein has created Limited Edition Prints inspired by the Modern Day Cowgirl and Cowboy. All works are hand carved and hand printed from linoleum. Add Comment


Like most little girls it was Leiann__™s childhood dream to own a horse. Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn and living many years in New York City that dream was never an option for reality. After leaving the nitty gritty of the Big City in 2001 for the country air and mountains of Northern Maryland she knew that time was soon to come. It was April of 2006 that Harley entered Leiann__™s life presenting her with a new beginning. Harley was a young horse that tested Leiann tremendously. There were many times Leiann thought about giving up. But with time, patience, perseverance through a lot of trials and tribulations, the two have become inseparable. Their growing relationship and partnership inspired Leiann to change the way she looked at many things, one of which was how she viewed her own artwork. The journey she has taken both in and out of the saddle with Harley has led her to create her Modern Day Cowgirl Artworks.

Leiann spent countless hours with Harley helping to create their special bond as a team. She took Harley to many horse events and local shows trying her out at everything. Together they found their passion in a sport called Team Penning. Leiann was able to help fund this endeavor through her photography by selling her pictures of horses and riders in competition. Over the years she has complied over 2,000 photographs; the perfect reference to create a body of artwork.

In the winter of 2008 Leiann suffered injuries to both of her legs. She was confined to the couch in casts and crutches. With a new baby girl on her hands and art in her heart she had to find a way to channel her creative energy. Since delving into the western horse world she had wanted to create a western themed body of artwork, but with a different approach than other artists have had in the past. Enamored with the intricacies and tooling of a western saddle, Leiann wanted to create a body of work that incorporated that hand tooled quality and craftsmanship yet add her contemporary flair. She felt that linoleum had a very similar consistency to leather and felt this was the perfect choice as her medium. For over a decade Leiann has been a professional artist as a painter, so carving and printing works of art was a complete change in direction for her. This seemed parallel to how her life has changed since leaving New York City and pairing up with her partner Harley in the country.

Once the artwork was created, it was time to introduce it to the public. The work has been well received. People love its uniqueness and energy. In talking to customers, Leiann realized there was an interest in seeing her artwork on merchandise. She took this to heart and started a product line to illustrate her linoleum Artworks. Today her artworks are uniquely represented on T-Shirts, Note Cards, Kitchen towels, Pendant Jewelry, Shea butter and Silk Lotion and All Natural Soy Candles. All made by hand with heart.

Leiann knows that just like a cowgirl loves to explore new territory and ride the wide-open spaces, her cowgirl journey has just begun. As her company grows, so will her product line. She is just enjoying the ride!

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