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Summer is here and so comes a new round of themed art!

by legacyukphotography , June 21, 2012—12:45 PM

Topics: Captured, Dark Art, Summer themes, difficult conditions, flash rigged photography

Hi peoples of the world and fellow artists on ArtID.

Each year myself with Legacy loved to do 2 sets of themed art. A dark and light covering topics which can be quite disturbing right through to graceful and beauty.

Our first set to kick off the summer was taken deep underground in an old world war 2 bunker with no lighting at all to find our ways apart from a couple of torches. I obviously had off camera trigger rigs to capture the image once the camera clicked but getting there was an adventure in itself and one which was dark, cold and very very errie!!

The image i have shown is obviously very low quality for copyright but to see a better version do check out our model mayhem or facebook or even our site once they get uploaded.

Watch out soon for a beautiful light theme shoot with elements of fantasty.

I would also like to applaud models Mikki and Elaine for their excellent emotion and our MUA Mikki for her FX makeup skills.



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