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Loretta Luglio About

I am a full time studio artist, executing most of my work primarily in but not limited to, oil. My work is inspired by all that is around me. I prefer to paint scenes from every day life. Art has always been a passion of mine. I knew from a very early age that art was going to be a strong influence in my life and that I wanted to know as much about art as I could possibly learn. I still strive to learn something new every day. After many years working in commercial art, making a living as a graphic artist for a large corporation, I opened my art studio to the dedication of purely traditional art. I work from photographs taken by me, acquired snapshots, client family photos and some life drawing. Often working in series, my work progresses through various themes so I always have a new challenge. I have 2 studios. My primary studio is in Bucks County, PA where I am active in the local art scene. I also spend a good portion of my time on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I spend much of the summer. I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by such a variety of nature. The wetlands of the Eastern Shore are reflected in much of my work. The natural beauty of both areas provides an abundance of subject matter. I continue to exhibit in regional and national shows. My works have been exhibited in Bucks and Delaware County in Pennsylvania, Stockton, New Jersey and Maryland's Eastern Shore. My work has sold in Europe and Australia and are in permanent private collections throughout the United States. Add Comment