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Lariadi Best of Lariadi

"Strawberry 29"
  • "Strawberry 29"
  • Pastel | 18" x 25"
  • Oil Pastel
  • This piece not only displays my obsession with lips, but it got me out of depression once. The blues and greys reflect my sadness. (At the time, I thought I'd only be a starving artist if I actually pursued my dream). The golds & fuschias reflect the warmth of joy as the depression began to subside. This is my most popular piece now.
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"Asian Girl"
  • "Asian Girl"
  • Drawing Portraits | 9" x 12"
  • A black and white oil pastel painting with just a splash of colors. The "unfinished" charcoal appearance of the lower portion of "Asian Girl" draws the attention solely to her bold, yet beautiful facial features. This is what care-free innocence looks like.
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"My Girlfriends Hand"
  • "My Girlfriends Hand"
  • Pastel | 14" x 17"
  • I used the title to make the audience look past the obvious. The abdominals are a work of art in themselves. It takes so much sweat and grit to reach this intensity of muscular form. It should be rewarded with awe and dropped jaws. (This chalk pastel will not rub off with handling.)
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"Interrupted Gossip"
  • "Interrupted Gossip"
  • Pastel | 18" x 25"
  • The real fun and challenge is in reading the dialogue on her skirt. This is the sequel to "My Girlfriend's Hand." However, this piece focuses on the present double-standard in society when a woman performs an identical act to a man. She is exposing her abs just the same, but instead of awe and praise, receives subliminal judgement within gossip. (This chalk pastel will not rub off during handling.)
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  • "Kiss"
  • Acrylic Painting | 12" x 14" x 2"
  • This textured acrylic painting on a uv-protected Gallery Wrapped canvas, further expresses my obsession with lips. "Kiss" features bold metallic golds and coppers, with raised black outlines that you can feel. With all the things you can do with your mouth: communicate, breathe, cough, sneeze, sing, eat, drink; perhaps one of the sweetest, most intimate and endearing actions is the kiss. Indulge.
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  • "Wink"
  • Acrylic Painting | 13" x 17" x 2"
  • This textured acrylic painting on a uv-protected Gallery Wrapped canvas focuses on the eye. Touch "Wink" to feel individual lashes and hairs of the brow, which is painted over a background of varied metallics. "Wink" displays one of the strongest gestures in body language used by the eye. As the prequel to "Kiss", the flirtation begins here, and is only followed by nothing other than... a curious kiss!
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