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Michelle Hickling About

Freelance artist here looking to promote and sell my artwork. Add Comment


I'm a freelance artist. Now I will describe a little more about myself, and how I came to be where I am today......

Name; Michelle Hickling

Born; 10th November 1987

Place of Birth; Nottinghamshire, England

From an early age I have always been artistic with a natural creative flare, continually trying to find alternative uses for anything and everything. I have never been able to use objects as intended, and create things from the most unlikely of materials. It is fair to say that I have always had a very loose relationship with reality, and I believe this has given me my vivid imagination and inventiveness. Throughout my whole school life I would spend the majority of my time creating artwork, and much to all of my teachers annoyance, most of it was created in exercise books in the form of doodles, or Graffiti as they liked to call it. Graffiti or not, some subjects just never captured my imagination, and so I simply used to take myself somewhere that did. My mind. My reality. I have always believed that art is your safe place in an unsafe world. Forge your own world, and create your own reality. Its whatever you want it to be, and I've never looked back.

Between 2003 and 2006 I studied for and completed both my GCSEs and A-Levels, excelling in my art earning an A* at GCSE and an A at A-Level. It was through these years that my artwork really started to evolve, and I began producing artwork for individuals for occasions such as Birthdays and Christmas.

After completing my A-Levels, I became a self taught artist, and in September 2006 went on to pursue my passion for horses, following a career in the equestrian world. I had worked with horses for three years prior to this, and after taking a couple of months out following my A-Levels, began working as a part time groom , continuing with my artwork in my down time. Soon after starting out as a groom, I began a Horse Care apprenticeship scheme, taking on more work, and by July 2008 I was qualified with an NVQ Level 2 in Horse care (with exercising horses as a specialised unit), and held the British Horse Society Riding and Road Safety exam certificate. The scheme took longer than average due to my continuing art commitments. By this time I had begun to combine my job as a groom with my art and started producing a lot of equine based pieces, mostly paintings and some drawings. I also continued to produce work for other individuals.............


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