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Eulampia Appelbaum About

My love of creating Landscape painting and pastels are what gave me the concept of fabric mixed media art. When I was sorting through my fabrics, the prints and vibrant colors remind me of the Impressionists vibrant landscapes. Along with the Impressionist style I work traditionally in realism and have extended my work to include architecture, animal, floral images and fabric party theme collages. 1 comment


I wanted to combine the realism of paintings but done in fabric and capture the Impressionism style. My inspiration came from Gauguin__™s palette of lively and strong colors. Each of my pieces are sketched on canvas then by cutting and applying the right piece of fabric to the canvas, a landscape is created that is vibrant with color and texture. My technique of Fabric art is also inspired from my digital photographs taken of the beautiful landscapes and architecture as I travel.

I graduated with a BA from Farmingdale State University, NY, majoring in Graphic Design from 2003-2007. Although I majored in graphic design I was able to apply myself in the Fine Arts concentrating in traditional drawing and painting. My education as a graphic designer gave me the tools to apply design element, such as line, color, shape and form combining it with the versatility of fabric and the ability to mix the media with paints, markers and paper created the texture and depth and detail of each piece of art. I enjoy manipulating the hues in the fabric to create interest in fthe focal point of my work.

My hope is to bring interest to the art lover by viewing the art at a distance you trick the eye into believing you are viewing a piece of art done by oil or acrylic paints and the surprise of seeing the same piece up close you are amazed with the fabric technique created by color placement and fabric interlaid together to form its shape and pattern.


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