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Hi! my name is LouAnn and I am a mosaic artist specializing in garden art - I make and design mosaic designed outdoor birdbaths, stepping stones, table top fountains, candle holders and planters. All designs and pieces are of original origin - no 2 are alike!! I can always attempt a similiar design or color theme, but unable to duplicate exactly. All the birdbaths, fountains and planters are clay pottery based. The stepping stones and candle holders are hand poured concrete and molded. I attempt to recycle used or damaged pottery and dishes to create my mosaic designs. I like to find my materials from a variety of places including auctions, yard sales, used goods stores to aide in the continued strive towards a greener earth mindset. I also offer to create and design customized pieces from a customers own damaged wares. Add Comment


I have been an artist at heart ever since I can remember. As a child, I would sit for long periods of time just drawing and designing anything from cartoon characters, fashions to still life and landscapes. I love to be creative in my own home and whenever I see a art piece or show piece manufactured that I am fond of - I honestly try to think of a way I can create it myself. I found mosaic art to be a venue that takes once perfect pieces created into art that is a bit unperfect but attracts attention due to its constant broken lines and angles. Its a venue that has alot of dimmension and depth and always allures you in. i never actually went to professional schooling for art; that road was not quite ventured upon. i was however fortunate to been exposed to two very special people in my life - my grandmothers who both had extremely gifted hands and i will admire them always.


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