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Art Presentation-The Final Step

by ladyartisan , December 7, 2009—12:02 AM

Topics: Lady Artisan, camera, christmas, commercial, ornaments, photography

Today I bounced out of bed ready to photograph Lady Artisan Christmas ornaments. I did not achieve quality photographs last year. This year, equipped with a commercial photography light system and box and a very good camera I mistakenly believed that it would be a quick and easy task to redo the photographs. Then I would put the ornaments onto my website and they would sell. Then I would create a brochure and perhaps sell them through local gift stores.

I have an unusual ability to underestimate the learning curve required for new creative enterprises. I did have a very productive day learning more about my camera, lighting, and how to start a new creative project. Digital cameras are not as easy to manually set as the old fashioned varieties. The manual was required to learn how to accomplish manual settings. Did you know that the camera might not see white, as in a white background, when our human eyes see white? I did not know that and so spent about an hour puzzling over the brown backgrounds of my photographs.

It helps to research and read. Instead of starting my day by photographing ornaments I could have read words written by those who have successfully completed this task. If I had started as a student I would most likely have a very nice photograph by now.

I am grateful for the Internet. The following links contained step-by-step directions for how to photograph small shiny items.

I would not have thought to do a search on "how to photograph small shiny items." I have a friend to credit with that idea. She found this website. No need for expensive equipment, although I do not think I would go with the Kleenex option!

The following site describes how to get a white background. I crave a white background. Tomorrow I will follow the steps described below and see if I can lighten the background of my photograph.

Today as I learned new skills the question of perfectionism also presented itself. Artists often create quality work due to perfectionist qualities in their character. How long do I work on the photographs before deciding that they are good enough to serve their purpose?

That is a question only the professional commercial photographer I eventually hire can answer.




  Monique ( homepage )

12/11/2009 * 14:58:00

I understand your pain! I am a photographer, and I just finished a job shooting product that reminded me of the challenges it presents. Key ingredients for success, in my opinion, are: a lot of light, a macro lens, a tripod, canned air (to blow dust), and a big chunk of time. Think of it as a full day to shoot and a full day of post, and you may have a much better time of it. Good luck, and if all else fails, hire me!


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

12/07/2009 * 18:30:21

Will you be posting images inside your ArtId gallery of your xmas ornaments?

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