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Wolf in the Woods Bell

by ladyartisan , December 6, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Lady Artisan, WOLF, bell, bronze, commercial, photography, sculpture

Today I struggled to take quality photographs of my bronze bell. Creating a masterful sculpture - easy. Taking a photograph of equal quality - not so easy. I now have a small "professional" photo box with lights that has helped a lot! Presenting one__™s art online would seem to lend itself to investment in commercial photography equipment. It takes so much more than a good camera to represent one__™s art professionally!

Often I have reluctantly put my art onto my website knowing the photograph of the sculpture did not measure up. It was that or wait until summer, often months away here in Minnesota. Wait for a perfect summer overcast day, and then take the picture. Tomorrow I look forward to redoing photographs of sculpture already on my website. It will be exciting and motivational to see both my website and art transformed simply by using proper equipment. Visit to see the transformation. It is easy to spot which photographs are new and the ones put up in futile desperation. Before I could take 50 pictures and end up with a mess. Now less than 10 and the results are pleasing! Photographing art is not like the creative photography I have enjoyed. Commercial photography is a lot more difficult than shooting a pollen-laden bee flying with wings outspread as it leaves one flower for another. The bee moves, the art sits. So how can this be so difficult!

The bell pictured here was originally created out of wax. Photographing the unfinished wax is a lot less work than the finished bronze sculpture. I do not worry about the quality of pictures when they are of a work in progress. I prefer to let photographs of works in progress contain the unfinished-working studio-dirty tools-changing around-of artist work. Cast with the lost wax method this bell has a lovely sound. I was not certain when I made the bell how the open design would affect the sound waves. I feared it would not ring at all! This bell however has one of the sweetest sounds of any of my bell designs. The clapper is a wolf sculpture that sits within the trees. Photographing the clapper outside of the bell only occurred to me after I photographed the bell fully assembled! This was one more commercial photography learning curve event in my day, one of many.

The Wolf in the Woods bronze bell is the first in a collection of Lady Artisan open design bells. Letting the clapper become an integral part of the visual quality of the sculpture is part of my creative process.

Taking excellent commercial photographs of my finished art has now become another part of my creative process. I am close. I only need to figure out how to keep pet hair out of the photography studio setup. White dog, black velvet, I am thankful for clear sticky tape.



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