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Almost completed, my first closeup of a Hawaiian Hydranga in the Maui Botanical Gardens… Continue reading… 0 comments

Hawaiian Hydranga WC Painting

by labart , July 27, 2017—12:00 AM

Topics: Artwork, Hydranga, floral, painting, watercolors

I completed (nearly -- more "touch-up" work on flower to do yet) my Hydranga watercolor (from photos taken during trip to Maui and the Botanical Gardens) couple months ago. Will attach here & add to my third gallery (of concept paintings/works) soon… Continue reading… 0 comments

OK -- nearly done with my posts for the day -- Had to share my progress on a current watercolor painting I am working on. It's a close-up of an amazing periwinkle blue Hydranga flower, from a photo I took in Maui. It's a work in progress -- still the background foliage to finish and detail work on the floral petals (probably the most detailed floral I have ever painted!)… Continue reading… 0 comments