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Here's the last post of the day with another Tiffany Window Window Landscape Design, that I colored with chiefly water-based art markers on vellum… Continue reading… 0 comments

OK -- nearly done with my posts for the day -- Had to share my progress on a current watercolor painting I am working on. It's a close-up of an amazing periwinkle blue Hydranga flower, from a photo I took in Maui. It's a work in progress -- still the background foliage to finish and detail work on the floral petals (probably the most detailed floral I have ever painted!)… Continue reading… 0 comments

Here's the third section and bottom portion of the FLW Prairie design sun catcher, made again with colorful striated glass and the very expensive red bull's eye glass! Let me know what you think! Laurie… Continue reading… 0 comments

Here's the top two sections of the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Design Sun Catchers that I made several years ago after taking my first and only Stained Glass class… Continue reading… 0 comments

Greetings, Have been meaning to post one of my three Stained Glass Sun Catchers that I made after taking a Stained Glass Class through Mesa Community College. This is of a Tiffany Orchid pattern/design. I have three other sun catchers of a Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Window Pattern, that I split into three parts/sections… Continue reading… 0 comments

More animal art designs from my Art Nouveau Coloring Book -- Love the peacocks!! Let me know what you think, and more to… Continue reading… 0 comments

Entangled CB Art/Design completed with art markers… Continue reading… 0 comments

Dog (tri-color King Charles Cavalier) like my Mickie! & Cat themed Animal art done in coloring book with art markers -- too fun, and please let me know what you… Continue reading… 0 comments

Recently completed Tiffany Window design on vellum with art markers… Continue reading… 0 comments

Just added a portrait in watercolors and acrylics of my first King Charles Cavalier Tri-color Toy Spaniel,Charlie (Charles Raphael Sebastion/full name), relaxing on the tile floor (with his Halloween Clown collar on). What a happy boy he was and we truly miss him!!!! (Note: Photo taken with phone, so darker than the actual painting… Continue reading… 0 comments

Greetings, I have updated the photos for the Jared Leto portrait in my 2nd Gallery (now a closeup of his face, triad & MARS logo). Also included updated/finished version of the Modern Metallic Vases (in 3rd Gallery). In addition, I have recently become consumed with the Adult Coloring Books, since I am such a Color Theory and Design fanatic! I just love using the art markers to fill in these compilations of glorious designs and imagery, especially that of Macintosh (patterns & motifs from Arts & Crafts movement), and Tiffany (leaded window scenes on vellum). A work can be finished in no time, especially when relaxing in front of my favorite TV shows after a long day at work, the Gym and making dinner… Continue reading… 0 comments

Note in the 2nd & 3rd Galleries, photo updates/upgrades of some of the pieces will be posted soon, including that of the Jared Leto portrait (current photo does not do it justice, esp. in eyes), and the modern vase mixed-media painting. Also, currently working on 3-4 more paintings/mixed media works -- floral still life from Maui Botanical Garden trip, 30 Seconds to Mars portrait, Tiffany-like landscape, and another modern vase w/ peacock plumes. (Later, Mickie and Minnie dog pals portrait.) Please let me know if you are interested in these or other subject matter, what media you would like it in, style, the size and color scheme, because I do custom pieces as well… Continue reading… 0 comments

Check out the below link on my Private Teaching Spotlight through Thumbtack, and get ready to learn some cool techniques in watercolors, drawing, painting, mixed media or stained glass (foiling)! https://www.thumbtack 0 comments

Fellow artists, friends and art community: Check out three new artworks I recently added to two of my Galleries when you have a chance -- 1) Jared Leto & 30STM portrait in Watercolor Paintings II Gallery; 2) Stained Glass Designs (concept work) in Mixed Media Gallery; 3) Modern Vase Designs in Mixed Media Gallery… Continue reading… 0 comments

Just updated my account and added two more art galleries -- watercolors, mixed media and concept works. Will be adding my recent portrait of Jared Leto soon to the Watercolor Gallery… Continue reading… 0 comments

Check out this concept work of mixed media, that is composed of molding paste, pastels, acrylics, charcoal pencil, adhesive gems and watercolors. (Subtle fantasy imagery on top of a colorful textural background)… Continue reading… 0 comments

Check out a "rather experimental" concept painting of different Medieval and Fantasy subject matter, done in watercolors, acrylics, metallics, and adhesive gems, (as well as textural techniques)… Continue reading… 0 comments