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Kristie Theobald About

I'm a self taught digital artist living in Sydney, Australia. My art has a touch of the fantasy, the whimsical, the spiritual, and the luck of the Irish! Add Comment


My love of digital art started off in late 2009 while I was bumming around with graphics and I created a healing image of my dad's horse, having passed away in late 2006, standing with an angel. Dad adored it, and, feeling inspired and encouraged, I went on to create one for my friend who had said goodbye to her dog. My friend said, "Hey, why aren't you marketing these? They're beautiful, and they'll bring so much comfort and hope!"

My online business "Kristie's Animal Angels" was born in early January 2010. I create custom images for all beliefs, all people - anyone who is grieving and needs closure, comfort, and reasurrance. My focus is mainly on deceased pets rather than people, as I don't believe enough is done to honour the animal soul - which they DO have, contrary to religious claims. If you have woken up in the middle of the night to find your beautiful, recently deceased cat sitting on the bottom of your bed, or you've been asleep and all of a sudden, your "dead" horse turns up and insists on showing you her new "home", you can't tell me that you haven't experienced a precious encounter with the very essence of your pet - their SOUL!

I also create images of a fantasy/whimsical nature with a bit of Celtic/Irish influences thrown in as well. As a former Irish dancer I am still greatly inspired by the gorgeous costumes, the "never say die" attitude of dancers performing in a feis (competition), and having spiritual/ancestral connections to the Emerald Isle I am forever blown away by the beauty of the country, the angelic music, the warmth of the people, the legends, the stories... everything! I just love it.

I am forever looking on the bright side of things; I have been accused in the past of seeing the world through "rose coloured glasses" - but as someone who has been bullied at work, suffered from chronic anxiety as a result and has only just found her "happy place" - of course I'd always want to see the bright side! Reflecting this side of myself - you will find a lot of beautiful and positive images in my art; an angel standing strong against an office "storm"; a fairy dancing to her own music; a few fairies dancing around a flame of "desire", just to name a few.

I hope you enjoy browsing my artwork and I hope what you see inspires you to do great things!


Kristie x


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