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Krista Nassi About

Krista Nassi is best known for her installations and paintings. Her paintings are evocative with an impressionistic approach, truly reflecting the character and sensitivity of the artist. The wrenching subjects of her installations are thought provoking while reflecting the issues of modern times. Krista Nassi is a Persian-American artist who was born in 1970 in Tehran, Iran. Her work can be found at Tehran___'______________™s museum of modern arts as well as a selected number of galleries throughout Europe. After graduating from high school, Krista entered Tehran___'______________™s Institute for graphic design and architecture, where she received a diploma in graphic design. She later received a Master of Art degree in painting from the prestigious University of Art, in Tehran. Add Comment


Krista has resided and participated in arts exhibitions in Italy, France, Austria, Israel and Iran. In 2002, she entered the ___'_______________Triennale Internationale D___'______________™Art Contemporain___'_______________ in Paris, where she received an honorary diploma for her paintings.

Also in 2002, she participated in the ___'_______________Site + Sight exhibition___'_______________ in Singapore, and later received an award from the Lassalle.Sia Art University for her installation.

In 2001, she participated in the 10th Asian Art Biennial in Bangladesh, and received the Gold Medal, and an honorary diploma from the Silpakala University of Art in Bangladesh.

Today, Krista resides in Los Angeles where she is pursing her love of the arts, and continues to create work that is unique in style, and reflective of the modern times. She has shown her art in California since 2006.

Rewards and Certifications:

2004: Was awarded the ___'_______________Best Art instructor of all universities___'_______________ in Tehran,

by the Center for academic Art and Science research of Iran

2002: Honorary Diploma from ___'_______________Triennale De Paris___'_______________ for participation in ___'_______________Triennale Internationale D___'______________™Art Contemporain___'_______________, Paris, France

2002: Special Award from the Lassalle.Sia Art University for participation in Site + Sight exhibition, Singapore

2001: The Gold Medal, Honorary diploma, and Special award from the Silpakala university of Art, for participation in the 10th Asian Art Biennial , Bangladesh

1998: Honorary diploma from Tehran university of Art for participation in a specialized painting exhibition, Tehran, Iran