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I'm an aspiring art student, I hope to someday teach art rather than sell. I am 20 and work with everything from fibers to metal. check out my Deviantart! Add Comment


I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, both my mom and grandma are really great artists and have pushed me to keep building my skills. I am just starting college and am excited to finally work toward my career of being an art teacher. I think I'm lucky for knowing what I want in life this young, oddly enough my reasons for wanting to teach visual art aren't just because I love to create.

My main motivation for entering teaching was because of my high school art teacher. Though she was great at giving us new projects and introducing us to the language of art, she didn't allow much diversity in the class work. An example would be if she drew a flower with four petals and you wanted six, she'd mark you down. I think I should correct this way of thinking by allowing students to do what feels right and not worry so much about grades.Art shouldn't be stressful, it can be challenging, but fun. I don't ever want to steer anyone away from it.


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