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Mary Ellen Koser About

There has always been an artist within me and it is pure joy to escape into the "zone" where light,color and form emerge into a work of art. My paintings are in any water-based media: watercolor, gouache,colored inks or acrylics. Japanese(rice)paper combined with any of the water media create my mixed media paintings. Add Comment


Not to create is not an option for me! This has taken many forms over the years; teaching biology, with fabric, gardening and of course painting. Art and science are a natural pairing so many of the paintings on my on-line galleries incorporate scientific information into the art's description. Though my style is still evolving, impressionism is my main stay. Just as the beauty of haiku poetry is in the essence of personal interpretation, my art is open to your interpretation. I create art for my own self expression but I hope one of my paintings will pull you into a private emotional response.


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