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Nick Terziski About

My name is Nick Terziski, born in a small village about 60 kilometers from Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1939. I have three sisters and one brother. When I grew up during the communist regime, the opportunities for success were few and people struggled to provide a meal on the table. After my mandatory army service, I found a small class that taught welding. I attended the class for three months, however, I knew if I stayed in Bulgaria I would never be successful in this profession. As I learned about the opportunities of America, my desire became increasingly strong to escape the communist life and find happiness in a free country. My desire turned into action as I finally escaped in 1970. I decided to start my new life in Chicago, IL, where my welding skills almost immediately came in handy. After I met my wife, my brother-in-law was able to get me into the welders/pipefitters union. From there I began to make the decent living I always dreamed of. But this is only where the story begins with my artwork. I was inspired when watching a fellow welder create metal artwork during his breaks. From that point I began to play with different ideas from nature and nautical ideas. Now I am retired and weld my sculptures as a hobby, attending various arts & crafts shows in the area. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you are interested in a custom-made sculpture. Thank you for visiting Kolyo Metal Artwork. Add Comment



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