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Karen Oelschlager About

Working together from nature, we create a blended work of art for people to enjoy in their homes. Being inspired by natural materials, we try to capture a moment in time that we can neither duplicate nor replicate. Karen has 19 years experience in computer graphic designing, self-taught so I have no steps I follow. I work based on the picture and the effect I wish to create. Joan has 30+ years experience in art, design, and lay out; stretching a medium__™s limitations to fit her inspiration. Together we ground and up-lift each others__™ outlook. Add Comment


A self-taught, independent graphic designer with over 19 years of experience in computers, graphic design, publishing and web site creation, teaming up with a local artist with 20+ years of experience in art, design and layout.

Here at KoKreations, we strive to make top-quality graphics, while keeping customer satisfaction at an all time high.

Your input is highly valuable when designing graphics and we see it as a ___must__™ in order to achieve your complete satisfaction.


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