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___My first studio was my highchair. There, my Mother often gave me a dollop of Omar Wallpaper Cleaner, my first favorite thing. It smelled good and was like soft, green clay. I recall making heads with boring faces, as the surface dried faster than I could make them exciting. This frustrated me into planning ahead, spontaneity, to use less green and to try more stuff before I dried up. So I did, becoming a boring professor face to the largest university art studenthood in PA. Typical of my work is a wide and varied range of images and media, roaming from realistic landscapes and wildlife to spiritual imagery to contrived spatial form and color relationships. Naturalism + abstraction are equally enjoyable norms for me. Although my highest conscious regards are to create high-quality compositions with selectively strong-to-subtle senses of visible impact, I know that my personal essentials for strongest results are intuition, why nots, and humor. Not boredom. The experience gained from living, learning and working in and with many diverse regions, situations, and people, in creating in several 2 and 3-dimensional media, and in studying the breadths and depths of art history, has given decades of enrichments to my arts. Nonetheless, equal experience has come by way of rejecting some of those learnings and just creating happily from within myself; or what is creating, anyway?___ 1 comment


Richard Knox is a professional artist working at his home studio with woods, pond and wildlife in Burlington, NC. His creative work has been included in national, competitive, and invitational exhibitions, and in galleries and collections.

Richard is also a Professor Emeritus of Fine Art and Art History from Edinboro University in PA.

He also held teaching positions at the University of Kansas, Murray State University in Kentucky, and Kent State University in Ohio, variously in printmaking, drawing, design, painting, and graphic design and illustration.

He received an M.A. degree in printmaking from Stanford University, an M.F.A degree in painting from Kent State University, & Teaching Assistantships at both.

Further graduate sculpture at the U. of California at Berkeley, post-graduate color lithography at the U. of New Mexico, graphic design and illustration at Cambridge University in England, in Florence, Italy, and at Kent State, completed his formal education. A B.A. in Psychology, B.S. in Education, and B.F.A. in Art began it.

Richard__™s works may be seen at the Churton Street Gallery of Art in Hillsborough, NC.


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