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Kayla Malone About

Artist Statement: Art is a way of questioning the real versus the false in my world. I have repeatedly experienced moments where something, such as a relationship, wasn't as it appeared. Formerly strictly figurative work, I have started to branch over to abstraction during my final year of undergraduate school. I often use myself in my work as it keeps the art therapeutic and personal. Through exploration of my views on relationships, change, and environment, I create works that are charged with an energy that leaves the viewer with feelings such as fear, arousal, curiosity, and discomfort. My work often possesses a sense of movement. The movement represents constant change and progression, even if moving forward essentially moves you backwards. Add Comment


Kayla Malone is a senior at the University of Rio Grande finishing her Bachelor's of Fine Art. She currently lives and works in Rio Grande Oh with her son, Killian. Kayla plans to go on to a Master's of Fine Art to continue her art education.