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k. Madison Moore Guestbook



  Madison ( homepage )

09/10/2011 * 01:02:34

Hi Douglas,

First I must say that I am so sorry that you did not receive a reply from me. You may not believe this but I just got an email that said there was a message for me at artid. Looking at the date your email to me is almost 3 years old!! I have no idea why I am just getting it. I forgot I even had work on artid as I am involved in so many other venues now.

I would like to thank you for your lovely words about me and my work. There is nothing better than to know that my work is so loved and makes people happy.

I just loved when you said this: "I like the way you must caress your work, know it, and become the piece of work ......."

Here is my artists statement that I use all the time so you were right on!!

My diversity has enabled me to survive as an artist for over a half century. Most artists stay with a style that reflects their inner personality. I believe that an artist should be like an actor who plays many roles and who subjugates themselves to the role at hand, letting it tell them how to play it. A chinese artist once said, " to paint a flower you must "be" a flower, to paint a tiger, you must be a tiger. "Madison" 

I think it is great that you have recovered so well from your illness and that you are painting. Wonderful! I just had an artist say to me " Painting saves lives!" So true!

Please feel free to email me any time

I just love your work!!!
I wish you much luck.
Best wishes,


  Douglas Stover ( homepage )

12/30/2009 * 01:34:09

Hello Kathleen or K. Madison Moore, my name is R. Douglas Stover and I just discovered you. Meaning that as I came online and opened up to our I slightly roamed on the way to my work and by total and unique strategie of an unknown, and at 1:10 A.M., I saw what made me come to a flying halt. I say this way of stopping because I do fly to where my destination is and this occassion of seeing your work and had no choice but to stop. There is something very nice about your work and that must mean you as well; so without a doubt all these things were reason to stop and widen my horizon of great painters/artists online. I like the way you must caress your work, know it, and become the piece of work so it is possible to arrive at greatness and beyond what the creator of the piece is capable of fathoming in all reality. I am a retired psychologist as a result of a serious car accident but I always had the art flair in my genes since birth. In all honesty Kathleen after my brain injury healed to a point I was introduce to art again and it took off like fire. I now paint in acrylics and will tell you more about myself but my fatigue of mind all of a sudden hit let commuicate if you have time and maybe you can check our my galleries Kathleen...thanks..

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