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"Unhibited" Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

by kMadisonMoore , February 9, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: emotional paintings, nude oil paintings, nude paintings, nudes, specializing in nude…

Drama Works Series / Figurative Nude Oil Paintings * Painting with Light and Dramatic Beauty of Natural Form to Create Emotion *

Certified Original Art copyright 2007 MkM


Hatha yoga yields that are geometric to the number of days practiced weekly. For example, while doing yoga once a week is great, doing it twice a week yields more than double the benefits, three days is triple, etc. Yes, practicing yoga three times a week may give you nine times the benefits of once a week. Consistency is the key, whether you are doing five minutes a day, or more than that. It is always recommended to do the practice at the same time and place each day, but for those of us who are not at the same place at the same time each day, you have to create your own schedule and develop a discipline about it. "Without discipline there's no life at all." This applies directly to the yoga practice. It is an act of discipline until it becomes part of your life, just like brushing your teeth. Practice can be adapted to varying amounts of time, different energy levels and miscellaneous factors.


Details: 12 × 10 inches Original Nude Oil Painting Gallery Wrapped Linen Canvas Hardwood Panel Valid Certificate of Appraisal inclusive

For * Commission Projects Welcome



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