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k. Madison Moore Art Blog

"Awakening" Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

by kMadisonMoore , February 9, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: emotional paintings, nude oil paintings, nudes, specializing in nude…

Drama Works Series Nude Oil Paintings *

Painting with Light and Dramatic Natural Form to Create Emotion *

Certified Original Art copyright 2007 MkM


Awakening by John McLeod *

Awakening, dawns chorus, Welcoming, The day new, untouched, Waiting to be filled...

An will we paint a rainbow, With all it's promise, Or dull the canvas, Sadly seen?

Each day brings it's own colours, To be chosen, mixed, Pigments of joy, Happy moments, Smiles of laughter....

And which will you choose? For Life's choice, We are all painters, In our own way, All needing to create, Something of worth, Of lasting beauty, Making our journey...

Footprints in the sand....

The sky today is azure, The sun warm and golden, A filigree of light and shadow-play, Through the gently swaying trees.

I clean my brushes, Choose my palette, Of vibrant, living colours, And begin to fill Todays blank canvas ____________________________

Details: 12 × 8 inches Nude Oil Painting * Gallery Wrapped Linen Canvas Hardwood Panel * Valid Certificate of Appraisal *

For information: email@ *

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