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k. Madison Moore Art Blog

"Blantantly Flirtatious" Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

by kMadisonMoore , February 9, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: emotional paintings, nude oil paintings, nude paintings, nudes, specializing in nude…

Figurative / Nude Oil Painting * Drama Works Series * Painting with Light and Dramatic Beauty of Natural Form to Create Emotion *

Certified Original Art copyright 2007 MkM


Flirtatious: flirty, kittenish, teasing. She has a Blatantly Flirtatious manner *8

Details: 10 × 12 inches Original Nude Oil Painting * Gallery Wrapped Linen Canvas, Hardwood Panel * Certificate of Appraisal inclusive * Samples on my blog

For more information: * Commission Projects Welcome



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