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k. Madison Moore Art Blog

Specializing in Nude Studies

by kMadisonMoore , February 9, 2008—02:42 PM

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Painting Nudes is a classical subject for any artist. Some artists start by painting family friends and self portraits, but even before still life, landscapes, animals etc., come the nude paintings or studies.

Some artists paint only the human body and nudes throughout their whole painting lives and careers----they specialize in nude studies. This is my special place, painting with light and dramatic human form to create emotion, some with facial expression, most with none. I paint my feelings, my dreams, my fantasies and my deepest and fullest emotions and convey it to all of my canvases. With painting the true art of emotion, I try to take my eye off the painting as the artist and look at it from the eye if the viewer and what they may feel. I never undervalue my emotions as they are the force behind my work. As a serious artist I strive to paint ideas and beauty..not just things.

Drama Works Series / Figurative Nude Oil Paintings Painting with Light and Dramatic Beauty of Natural Form to Create Emotion.

I have always been serious about moving my art to the next level and have been entirely committed to my work. It took many years to master certain techniques and to discover who I am and to evolve into a uniquely creative vessel. Fortunately, art is one of the few professions in which age is an asset. To every new piece of art I create I bring a lifetime of experiences, personal history and never ending emotion.

I focus on Figurative Painting and the female form because I feel that both men and women are drawn to the female figure. My preference for women as my chosen subject is something in which I can personally identify with.

A friend told me that my paintings are very real, yet a little abstract which makes for an interesting dynamic.....I'll take that!



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