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"Blue Moon Rising" Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

by kMadisonMoore , February 9, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: blue nudes, emotional paintings, k madison moore, nude oil paintings, nude paintings

Drama Works Series Nude Oil Paintings

Innovative Compositions of Painting with Light and Natural Form

Certified Original Oil Paintings __ 2007 MkM


Blue Moon Rising

Libra woman of the night crystal orbs of inner sight. Hidden eyes surround her mind, blue moon rising, Leo's find.

Moon's glow tic-kles, senses fate feeling rise from inner space. Life force quickens moonbeams flow, some react, while others grow.

Crystal lights within her mind, pathways lit with inner time. Leo walks, now blue moon art finger writing on her heart.

O __ 2004_Nhawrr yirrpa _________________

Details: 10 × 12 inches Original Oil Painting Gallery Wrapped Linen Canvas Hardwood Panel No frame needed, ready to hang Certificate of Appraisal inclusive

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