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Arab Doors and Windows...

by kiwioman , November 24, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Arab, Dhofar, Hope, Oman, Omani, doors, encouragement, inspirations, new beginnings, opportunities, windows

Lately I've been thinking about the significance of doors and windows in life. I think back to times where a door has slammed in my face, or I can't get through my own front door at night cos I can't find the key...

So I've assembled a few photographs together in my studio, ones which explore some of the aspects represented by doors and windows.

When I see a Door Knocker, it reminds me of possibilities. I think what it would take to open a door. Maybe only a knock or two is needed. Perhaps more patient waiting. I remember the old saying Ask, Seek, Knock...

Then I think of a door that's wide open, or, if not, at least one that's slightly ajar... a Door of Hope.

I think much more widely. I try to think outside the box. I imagine that there's no door, like the image above The Door is Always Open.

On the other hand the door may be some way off through a series of Archways.

Now I think of a door wide open, plus a window or two to let the light in...

The windows may be high up as in Former Glory looking dark and gloomy from the outside, but inside full of beautiful light.

The light may flood in through an Arched Window.

Or the window may be shut! But still it has a beauty all of its own... Pointed Window.

You choose!




  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

11/16/2008 * 21:21:08

Thank you for the interesting post and beautiful images- Zander

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