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Mary Ann Kitchell Guestbook



  Jeffrey Kitchell

05/26/2014 * 11:54:32

Just discovered this site and your work Nice!
Hello from the California Kitchells


  Linda Fraine

01/21/2012 * 16:12:41

Hi Mary Ann

Wonderful job. I too am a portrait artist in Naples Florida. I enjoyed your website. mine is if you like to take a peek.

all the best to you.


  Josie Whitehead ( homepage )

05/16/2011 * 13:53:18

Hello Mary Ann: I've just disovered your wonderful paintings. How I wish I had your talents, but I am a published children's poet. I'd love some of your illustrations next to my poems.


  Sandy DeCristofaro ( homepage )

05/19/2009 * 11:10:29

Wow, small world, huh? I've often wondered who does the house portraits that I see throughout NJ. Now I know! They are wonderful reflections of the "look" of northern New Jersey. It's good to help deflect the preconceived notion that our communities revolve around the turnpike and all things of that nature. Really nice work.
And how weird that we both discovered ArtId!
I wish you success.


  Marguerite LeVind

04/28/2009 * 12:32:40

WOW Mary Ann!!! I'm remembering the early days viewing your wonderful creations in your mom's dining room!!??!!! Now a gallery website!!!! Regardless of the venue, your work continues to be special & I appreciate your attention to detail when I order items & you ship to North Carolina. I love sending the Summit note cards to my NJ friends!!! I'll be checking this website frequently & sharing with my friends.


  Ruth Herr

04/20/2009 * 19:51:53

Hi Mary Ann,
WOW! What a wonderful sight. Thank you so much for reaching out to me!I would like to talk with you about doing a painting for me. Will email you the details one of these days. I hope to check this site often to see what you are up to...
Ruth Herr


  Jeffrie Dixon

04/20/2009 * 16:26:08

Delighted to hear from you and see what all you have going on! Wonder if you'd be able to turn the watercolor you did of our home into notecards?


  Connie Derouchey ( homepage )

04/14/2009 * 10:13:03

Hi Mary Ann:

Your work is tops in my mind. I absolutely love your style. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. I hope to see more of your work.

Connie DeRouchey


  Bob Lowery

03/16/2009 * 21:04:37

Hi Mary Ann,
What a wonderful collection of your work!
I am happy for you. And I hope to bring you a more house portrait jobs, too.

best regards,

Bob Lowery

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