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Mary Ann Kitchell Art Blog


by kitchellstudio , March 31, 2008—12:49 PM

Topics: colored pencil, house portraits, train stations

This is a very old building in Summit, New Jersey, dating back to the 1800's and the image is part of my collection of New Jersey train stations.

The reference photo I used for this colored pencil drawing had a sheep in it, a cute little guy, but not necessary to my composition. I could find no mention of sheep in my research material; I can only assume livestock were shipped from this station along with other commodities. The builder hoped his 1871 building would become a major part of a newly constructed rail line, thereby expanding his influence ... and his pocketbook as well I'm sure.

You know what they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men" ... the tracks were moved in 1905 putting an end to our entrepreneur's dreams. The building was moved to another part of Summit in 1912 and became a residence. It has been enlarged over the years to accommodate growing families. The structure still stands today but you'd have to look very closely to recognize the original building.

I extend an invitation to all railroad image collectors to contact me regarding my other train station paintings.



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