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Mary Ann Kitchell Art Blog


by kitchellstudio , November 5, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Hurricane Sandy, NEW JERSEY, creating art, drawings

Much in life is taken for granted. We go about our day, not thinking twice about the way things work ... until loss of power and heat make everyday things a challenge. This storm has been devastating to millions of people; loss of life, home, and property. At this point, I feel very fortunate to have lost power for four days. A week after the storm many of my fellow New Jerseyans are still without power. I am also thankful my property did not flood as it did with Irene, and the basement stayed dry.

The day after the storm I started thinking of how we create art. I use a light table to correct sketches and transfer drawings to watercolor paper. No electric, no light table. I used daylight coming through the window; workable, but cumbersome. My electric pencil sharpener was useless, but I found the manual sharpener I had put aside long ago. Light to paint by ... that's a tough one! The hair dryer I use to speed the drying process was also useless. Abe Lincoln had candles, but they just didn't work for this artist. The computer: creative writing, keeping in touch with family,friends and clients are easier with a computer.

This little mouse is one of the drawings I'd been working on when the lights went out. I was able to spend time in our local library, getting warm and trying to be creative. Today is a better day at my house as I am warm and able to paint again.

To other storm victims: be brave, God loves us, we will endure.



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