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Mary Ann Kitchell Art Blog


by kitchellstudio , August 17, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Prints, beach, giclee, seashells, summer, sun, vacation, water, watercolor

Up until this last week we've had a cooler than normal summer in New Jersey, with lots of rain, especially in June. The rain has produced larger than usual numbers of mosquitoes .... not fun! I've missed the hot sun but not the typical summer humidity.

The scene in this print could be a chance meeting at the beach, or a brother and sister searching for seashells on the family vacation. I am pleased with how the warm summer colors in the original watercolor reproduced in the print. I am thinking of using a giclee print company for future prints. Any suggestions?




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/18/2009 * 20:32:30

So how did you do/have these done? They look beautiful. Do you have a printer large enough to do your own giclees but want pass the process of reproduction off and focus on creating art? Or did you use a more traditional process? Certainly the giclee printers generally have larger computers that use a broader range of inks which makes it easier to keep the colors true to your original. Perhaps someone can suggest a printer they especially like who is in your area. It seems to me you would want someone nearby so as to be work closely with them.

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