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Mary Ann Kitchell Art Blog


by kitchellstudio , June 12, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: buildings, house portraits, watercolors

This school was built in 1923 for grades 9 - 12. It is typical of the Collegiate Gothic architectural style popular at the time. There are five gargoyles over the front entrance that unfortunately don't show up clearly on small formats. I've always meant to do separate drawings of these little guys, and some day I may do just that!

I used wadded paper towels to remove pigment and form the clouds as I find it absorbs better than tissue. The fun part is not knowing exactly what the cloud shape will be until you lift the paper towel ... most of the time I'm very pleased.

When I attended school there in the early 60's there was no air conditioning and the school had become so overcrowded that classes were held in a nearby house as well as in the "tower" rooms on the third floor (located on each side of the front doors). One late Spring day we had the windows open for some cooling air and were surprised when a starling decided to join the class! A very welcome interruption, even for the teacher!!




  Roberta ( homepage )

10/18/2011 * 14:40:47

Going to put this artilce to good use now.

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