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Mary Ann Kitchell

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Pencil was the first medium used when I started selling art in the 70's. As my skill improved and I started exploring with color my work gradually evolved to using watercolor. I've been experimenting with pencil again, and like the look of this pet portrait completed with colored pencil and a 2B drawing pencil… Continue reading… 0 comments

BEHIND THE SCENES What do I think about when painting? My concentration is better some days than others. I generally work while listening to 60's & 70's rock and roll (the music I listened to as a teen). It gives me the energy I need; once in a while I'll listen to classical but find my brush moves slower. Getting lost in the painting process has been a salvation in times of stress. Some sessions are harder to get started but worth the effort. Some of my best work has been during emotional stress: all of my thoughts are poured into the work at hand. If you've been there, you know what I mean… Continue reading… 0 comments

HOW IT REALLY IS For those who say they can't make a straight line with a ruler, be assured artists work hard to make it look easy. A good day is when everything falls into place: colors mix perfectly the first time, all lines are straight, and your hair dryer (yes, hair dryer) stops the mingling of paint at just the right time to get the effect you were after. The way the paint flows is influenced by the type of paper and its texture. Some days are good "tree" days when the paint makes great leaves. Others are a struggle to get the right leaf detail. I have one favorite brush for painting foliage; I know the leaves are in there, I just have to find them… Continue reading… 0 comments

This drawing of a brick and stone church in Chatham, New Jersey was rendered in pencil. I wasn't sure about the brick but it came out dark enough to contrast with the stone, yet light enough that the mortar lines were visible… Continue reading… 0 comments


by kitchellstudio , November 25, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: children's books, christmas, colored pencil, drawings, vacation

This is the finished page for a child's book which I illustrated. Some of you may recall I worked on the drawing in our local library due to loss of power from Sandy. The story was written by a friend with her granddaughter's input and will be printed and given as Christmas gifts. It's the story of a mouse on vacation in Puerto Rico, based on the child's vacation exeriences this year. It's cold here today and I just saw a few snow flurries… Continue reading… 0 comments


by kitchellstudio , November 5, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Hurricane Sandy, NEW JERSEY, creating art, drawings

Much in life is taken for granted. We go about our day, not thinking twice about the way things work ... until loss of power and heat make everyday things a challenge. This storm has been devastating to millions of people; loss of life, home, and property. At this point, I feel very fortunate to have lost power for four days. A week after the storm many of my fellow New Jerseyans are still without power. I am also thankful my property did not flood as it did with Irene, and the basement stayed dry. The day after the storm I started thinking of how we create art. I use a light table to correct sketches and transfer drawings to watercolor paper. No electric, no light table. I used daylight coming through the window; workable, but cumbersome… Continue reading… 0 comments