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Mary Ann Kitchell

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HOW IT REALLY IS For those who say they can't make a straight line with a ruler, be assured artists work hard to make it look easy. A good day is when everything falls into place: colors mix perfectly the first time, all lines are straight, and your hair dryer (yes, hair dryer) stops the mingling of paint at just the right time to get the effect you were after. The way the paint flows is influenced by the type of paper and its texture. Some days are good "tree" days when the paint makes great leaves. Others are a struggle to get the right leaf detail. I have one favorite brush for painting foliage; I know the leaves are in there, I just have to find them… Continue reading… 0 comments

What I love most about this house is its color: very cheerful in a world of beige and gray homes. Picket fences usually make me pause as to whether or not they should be included, but so far those house portraits containing fences have had a successful result. The fences turned out to be part of the home's personality and the portrait would have looked "wrong" without them. Speaking of house colors, I recently had my home painted a dark gray. I love the way it looks with the white trim. In looking at it the other day, I realized it's an artist's color. While titled "outerspace" the color reminds me of Payne's gray watercolor paint… Continue reading… 0 comments


by kitchellstudio , October 20, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Winsor&Newton, colors, house portraits, skies, watercolor

The lawns in my watercolor house portraits are painted wet in wet, the same techinque used for the sky. It took me a long time to realize lawns are not just one shade of green, and the color seen depends on the season. Sap Green is my "go-to" lawn color, combined with Prussian Blue or a touch of Burnt Umber, with Payne's Gray added for the shadow areas. The same colors are used for background trees, with Violet substituted for Burnt Umber in the shadow areas. All of my watercolors are Winsor & Newton… Continue reading… 1 comment

My house and pet portraits are painted with Winsor&Newton watercolors on 140 lb Arches cold press watercolor paper. My favorite color for skies is Prussian blue. I have a small jar of this color mixed with water put aside for just skies. I wet the sky area first, then put down the Prussian blue wash, adding some Cobalt blue or Paynes gray. No two skies are alike. For the times when there is not much in the way of background trees I use a wadded paper towel (I find it absorbs liquid better than tissues) to create cloud formations. Again, like snowflakes, no two clouds are alike… Continue reading… 0 comments


by kitchellstudio , May 2, 2010—03:10 PM

Topics: colors, flowers, house portraits, painted on commission

Of the many styles and sizes of houses I've painted, I find a consistency in the colors. The most popular are white, light or medium gray, and the many tints of gray-beige, from warm pink-beige to creamy beige. It was a change of pace to paint this red house and a challenge to be sure it didn't become too bright! The landscaping was creative and I enjoyed painting more flowers and plants than lawn… Continue reading… 0 comments