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Mary Ann Kitchell

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One of the things I love about Spring besides the fact it signals the end of Winter, is the bright array of fresh new flowers and bushes in bloom. The red azaleas on this church property are spectacular and their size indicates they are quite old. This watercolor is another in my series of churches in my local area… Continue reading… 0 comments

This pen and ink rendering of a circa 1898 Gothic Revival structure is in my series of local church drawings, and the last wooden church in Summit, New Jersey. It originally was a Swedish Lutheran church and became an English language church during the 1930's. The building was sold in 1959, becoming Mt Olive Temple United Holiness Church, a Pentecostal congregation… Continue reading… 0 comments

This church is on a large piece of property in Summit, New Jersey, that for many years has housed cloistered Dominican sisters. It is a well-known structure in town at one of the main intersections; a beautiful building of stone and stained glass windows… Continue reading… 0 comments

This drawing of a brick and stone church in Chatham, New Jersey was rendered in pencil. I wasn't sure about the brick but it came out dark enough to contrast with the stone, yet light enough that the mortar lines were visible… Continue reading… 0 comments

The appeal of this courtyard was the peaceful feeling I got when looking at it. I've been exploring the structures people use as worship spaces and this seemed a perfect place to talk to God or take time out during a busy day. The sunlight streaming down was a definite plus. I'm not sure where my church project will take me. All I know for sure is there's always something more to do and learn… Continue reading… 0 comments

In starting a series of paintings and drawings on churches and church architecture, I decided to explore various media and rediscovered my love of pencil work. I enjoy the process of shading and showing texture; my favorite pencil for this is 2B. A 2H pencil remains top of the list for transferring drawings to watercolor paper. Pencil drawings were the first works I offered for sale, so the use of pencils has felt like finding an old friend… Continue reading… 1 comment

I've created several watercolors of this church: as a gift for a retiring minister, as a program cover for church events, and as a record of alterations to the existing structure. The painting shown was a recent commission when a new, higher steeple was erected. You wouldn't know that this beautiful steeple houses a cell tower for the phone company! I am very happy with the cloud formations, and the overall feeling of height… Continue reading… 0 comments

This Roman Catholic church is more than 100 years old. Its construction is stone, with three marble altars. Though the original candle offerings have been electrified many years now, the original statuary and altars remain. The stained glass windows are huge, and absolutely spectacular with the sun shining through them. The church has been restored several times over the years. At one point a mural was painted on the ceiling over the main altar. The latest renovation two years ago modernized the interior to some degree and the mural was removed. I miss it. Some day I'd like to paint a series of images of all of the houses of worship in my area. I think the diversity of styles would make an interesting exhibit… Continue reading… 0 comments