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Mary Ann Kitchell

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This is another in my collection of children's sport prints. Please view my Gallery for the complete set and details on variations available as custom designs. There are a few more ideas perking for new designs as well as more uses for the current work. I welcome your comments and suggestions… Continue reading… 0 comments

You've got great gift ideas: pet portrait, house portrait. Trouble is, there's not enough time to have it painted and shipped. Or you don't have pictures. Then there's the children. How about a print .... but which one would they like? A gift certificate is a great choice for any occasion. You'll receive a printed certificate in time for gift giving. See my Gift Certificate Gallery for complete details… Continue reading… 0 comments

Created from my original watercolors, this print celebrates a young child's awkward, yet enthusiastic, approach to sports. All of the sports prints shown in my Gallery are the result of many hours of sketching over a period of 8 years. The idea was conceived in 2007-8 but before too much had been accomplished, Fate intervened in the form of my husband's illness and then his death in 2010. While getting back into the swing of things, commissioned work had priority and serious effort on the prints was not resumed until 2014… Continue reading… 0 comments

This shiny red machine with its loud siren is a common sight. I created this print for a boy's room because I believe it's the most popular machine with little boys. One of the most exciting events for children is a visit to the local fire station with a chance to sit up on the fire engine… Continue reading… 0 comments

Have you ever been at the beach and noticed storm clouds in the distance? You keep hoping the rain will blow in the other direction! Our little friend hasn't quite finished her sand castle and hopes the rain won't spoil her afternoon… Continue reading… 0 comments

A young lady living in California was the inspiration for the watercolor from which this print was made. Her grandmother gave some photographs to a mutual friend and this was the result. Though feeding wildfowl is prohibited in many areas, she's enchanted by the gulls and offers a snack of potato chips… Continue reading… 0 comments

It's June. School's out and the weather is finally warm enough for a trip to the beach. The young man in this child's print is putting the finishing touch to his sand creation: the American flag. HAPPY FLAG DAY, U.S.A. ...… Continue reading… 0 comments

The bravado of youth! Maybe this young man has dreams of Olympic glory on the slopes. Cold, crisp Winter afternoons were the inspiration for my series of children's prints created from original watercolors. I'm sure the skiers out there are ecstatic over the amount of snow produced this Winter; not so the rest of us. Our shovels are worn and our spirit longs for Spring… Continue reading… 0 comments


by kitchellstudio , September 21, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: beach, boys, children's prints, nature, seashells, summer

Summertime, and the living is easy. Well, if you're like these two boys anyway. Would I go back in time if I could? Probably not. Do I wish I knew then what I know now? Of course. Explore. That's what boys do. This pair have found a shell and wonder if anything is living inside. This is one of a collection of prints made from watercolor originals… Continue reading… 0 comments


by kitchellstudio , September 2, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: beach, boys, children, children's prints, nature, summer, sun, truck, wall art

Can you see the imagination working in these two minds? "Back up the truck, boys: we've got a lot of sand to move!" Who hasn't had fun as a child, taking ordinary things and making stories with them? A day at the beach, enjoying the sun and sand, and letting imagination run free! A perfect print for your child's room; a reminder of the carefree days of summer ...… Continue reading… 1 comment


by kitchellstudio , July 27, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Prints, beach, boys, children's prints, sand, skies, sun, water, watercolor

Feel the salt water spray. See the good natured fun. This is one of a series of prints created from original watercolors to celebrate sun, sand, and sparkling blue water under the summer sky. These two boys haven't a care in the world ..… Continue reading… 0 comments