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Mary Ann Kitchell

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I'm especially happy with the color of the trees achieved in this house portrait. Tree color has been dull in NJ this year due to lack of rain and some unusually warm days in September and October… Continue reading… 0 comments

This is a great house, surrounded by bright Fall colors. The photographs submitted were actually snow scenes, with only a general indication of where the driveway led up to the house. The customer wanted a painting for their boss as a surprise gift and asked that I paint it in Fall colors rather than snow. Adding leaves to the trees was easy enough, but the driveway was a challenge. Having a limited image with the client's description of the driveway's direction forced me to "ad lib" to some degree. I was given carte blanche for the landscaping along the driveway, the only idea being it was lined with small shrubs. Feedback was the client was pleased, their boss even more so! And I had a chance to remove snow with only my paintbrush… Continue reading… 1 comment

Fall can be a beautiful time of year in New Jersey. While many clients submit images taken in Winter or early Spring and request I add leaves and flowers to the finished painting to create a Spring/Summer look, not very many request Fall colors. These Winter images are excellent to work with as they show the most house detail, free from leaved trees and bushes, etc. But they do not feed the soul as much as images with striking Fall colors. This recently completed painting of an old mill in Clinton is a 25th anniversary gift… Continue reading… 0 comments