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Mary Ann Kitchell About

I've loved to draw and paint since I was a child. My selection of a topic for my seventh grade essay on career choice was easy .... "artist"! The challenge of accurately depicting buildings and a love of nature has led to many years of painting wildlife and pet portraits, house portraits, and a collection of note cards and prints. I enjoy what I do ... many times I can't believe I'm paid to do what I love!! 9 comments


Many of my watercolor or ink house portraits are given as housewarming, moving, anniversary, or Christmas gifts. A lot of my work is with local real estate associates and gift shops.

I believe there are no "ugly" or "plain" houses. Some may be larger or more elegant, but all are called "home". Where the heart is; where memories live. The house is the star of the painting, the landscaping the supporting cast that enhances the building. My goal is to create a look that invites you to the front door.

A graduate of Art Instruction School, I've studied many media but my favorites are still pencil drawing and watercolor.

In addition to house portraits my thirty plus years of painting have included pet portrait commissions, wildlife studies, and children's wall art. There has also been the occasional boat portrait or landscape to keep things interesting.

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