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Kim Niles Art Blog

Moving Forward With My 2nd Children's Book!

by KiniArt , July 12, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: ILLUSTRATION, art, artist, book, cartoon, children's book, dog, illustrator, kim niles, kiniart, terrier, west highland, westie, whimsical, white, whwt

My MUGGLES book (1st print-draft) arrived and I thought it would require some minor fixes but it looks GREAT! So now I've proceeded on to getting the ISBN # and I think I might have that in the next couple of days.

It's been so long in the making, I can hardly wait to see it up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We are ALMOST there, folks!




  Mary Ann Kitchell ( homepage )

07/16/2010 * 14:55:23

Your dogs have lots of personality and the drawings are so sweet! I fell in love with the Muggles and am sure the little ones and their parents will as well. Lots of luck with this project!!

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