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Marion McCann About

My love of God, home, family and nature find themes in my art projects. I enjoy working in acrylic and oil; no blank surface is safe from my brushes. Add Comment


I am a very industrious person(probably due to a touch of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder); basically family-minded and with an ingrained hope to leave the world a better place. Since reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London in the late 50's, adventure was my general quest under the guise that someday I would write a great American novel using the knowledge harvested from places my mother would not have approved. I have re-invented myself many times over and held down a myriad of jobs in between being a drugstore clerk in high school to bankteller while in college; then housewife and mother, lastly a truckdriver and logger. During the last career change, I began a journey to carry me to the end of my days. No more re-inventing! I have finally found who I am. I will remain busy simply fine-tuning what I think God wants in me as a devout Catholic woman.


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