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As a ceramicist I find porcelain to be one of the most satisfying mediums to work with One of my passions is to create urns or sacred vessels that embody a reverence for the soul that has left behind its house. Many of the pieces that I create incorporate sculptural images of protective totems, Egyptian symbols and carvings. I use some glaze to accentuate the eyes of the totems, but find beauty in the visual effect of the fire purging the vessel. Most of my paintings attempt to capture a glimpse into a surreal world that connects me to my loved ones. A world of organic and enigmatic beauty which intertwines us together and reminds us of the essence of a divine creative source. There is a beauty that lies in the interpretation of this source because everyone__™s concept of the source from which they came differs. To me this is a beautiful thing to invoke. I enjoy approaching a blank canvas with no preconceived idea of what the painting might become, and begin by applying colors that I am drawn to. I usually start with an organic composition that consists of flowers and trees and within that composition images of birds and embryos metamorphose and souls appear to be watching over the painting itself. I enjoy creating places that remind some of us to pause and take a closer look at the divine and how we__™re all connected to this beautiful source. 1 comment



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