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Kevin FitzGerald small work

Sunset on Lake
  • Sunset on Lake
  • Watercolor Painting | 8" x 6"
  • watercolor
  • small matted watercolor about 4 by 6 inches plus matte ,a peaceful time I had at a lake in North Carolina ,just HAD to paint it.It is on 140 lb Arches hot-press paper.It was a very beautiful sunset with awesome colors in the sky ,one of those times in life I needed to share the view before my eyes.Signed and numbered prints $25.00
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  • Horses
  • 2-D Mixed Media | 6" x 6"
  • Pen-and Ink ,watercolor,pastel,colored pencil,on Arches cold-press paper.Unmatted,signed and numbered prints for 20.00. I think very powerful ,very beautiful for such small size.Deep blue hues clashing with earthy reddish browns.These horses are on the move,going somewhere only they know,a place we can only imagine,and they are in a big hurry clashing through the snow.
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Indian Spiritual grounds
  • Indian Spiritual grounds
  • Watercolor | 6" x 4"
  • watercolor of Indian Spiritual Grounds near Terry ,Montana.I was stuck in the muck up there for a few days because it rained and it is a very long dirt road to get there,But I did not mind ,it was beautiful there!
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Angry Seascape
  • Angry Seascape
  • Oil Painting | 48" x 66" x 2"
  • A large oil painting depicting my impression of a violent storm moving in to an otherwise stunningly beautiful shoreline of rocks and plants and sand at sunset ,like the sun is about to be swallowed and vivid primary colors are being thrown around.This painting needs a large space to hang and will definitely take over as a focal point of its space. It was actually the last of a series and a collector asked my dealer if he could `get me to add a few splashes of magenta` to match their couch. I let him know this work was not for sale to anyone who would ask for that! Of course ,he was not happy that I would `blow` a 2000.00 deal but hey ,I don`t compromise my expressions for something called magenta when all I needed was to hop out of bed and fill my pallet with gobs of primary colors and fly ,fly to the place I saw in my dreams!signed and dated 2010 ,blue wood-framed canvas with thin wood backing over stretchers for protection.May be expensive to ship so I did lower price $800.00 ! Dimensions could be a little off but this is VERY LARGE and needs a large space.
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Driftwood Plant Stand
  • Driftwood Plant Stand
  • Functional Furniture | 24" x 36" x 24"
  • I found this in the Root River after a flood.The roots were wrapped around an Amethyst Geode.After sitting on the living room floor for a long time and explaining "I am working on it"I finally decided what to do...put it in the bathtub and toothbrush it with Bleach! Then a Stain and painting vines and cherry blossoms on it ,I used small things I found in the same place. A frog from a piece of wood in the mud,a toadstool,a bug,a snake made of a grape vine,Moss,quarts crystals,Creatures ! Then it does have 2 tiny creatures (deer)from Occupied Japan that I found,pine cones,and Amethyst stones like eggs here and there. I spent days on a stained glass top and it was WRONG !! Soooo..I attached the pallet I used and 2 round pieces of wood that had the colors on the pallet. Lots of little flowers in the moss.Too much stuff to even list here,and I had a work of Art made of Recycled Materials!! I have some pots with ferns in the pics to show what I would do with this table but you could put anything on it!The base is some recycled wood also ,and tree trunk was bolted to it.Nice Cherry color and Cherry Blossoms painted on it.This would be very hard to ship but possible.Otherwise ,can be picked up in LaCrosse WI or Rushford MN...size and weight are just estimated as it is stored now.
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Old Village Hall in Lanesboro, MN
  • Old Village Hall in Lanesboro, MN
  • Watercolor Painting | 9" x 11"
  • This used to be the city hall and jail in Lanesboro, MN. Now it's a gourmet restaurant and a bar. I got an unusual perspective by lying on my back on the sidewalk. The background is actually a photograph of the sunset my wife took the night before, the colors matched the painting well so I used her picture to paint the background. Only 100 prints made! Signed and numbered, not matted.
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