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Ken Shuey Guestbook



  George Clasby

01/07/2009 * 19:44:23

Beautiful Work Ken !


  Desmond Jerukan ( homepage )

12/04/2008 * 04:30:11

Hello Ken,

Great stuff coming out from you everytime :)


  Kim Whitesides

07/22/2008 * 13:19:37

Well. I didn't even know you were doing artwork. very nice, pretty neat. Are you still selling in this economic mess?

I'm working on a painting of some horses now myself.

check out my website at---

You still seem to be holding up pretty well. or is that a picture of your son?



  Sadie DeVore

06/23/2007 * 22:54:56

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the beautiful art and your smiles.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Sadie DeVore


  gigi-hawaii ( homepage )

12/12/2006 * 00:59:33

Hi Ken,
I've been visiting your site often because there always seems to be something new to read or see. If you're ever in Hawaii, please contact me. I'll treat you to lunch.



  Merv & Carol Glow

11/05/2006 * 17:23:11

We were so impressed with your talent. It is hard to believe that one of our tennis bum friends had so much ability (you keep it hidden on the courts). When are you going to do some painting of our desert and moutains?


  Marilyn Lawrence Wentzien

03/05/2006 * 16:16:10


Donita set me on your web site. I love your work. My favorite is "Moose Cooling". Fun to discover another Rogers classmate.


  Nan Dickerson

01/23/2006 * 21:28:13

What a treat to view your beautiful work! Thanks for making it so easy for the computer novice.

For years every time I passed your house I wondered about you. We really had fun at dear ol' Roger's School. I'm so glad you found us.

Donita called this afternoon for a fun visit. Thanks for making the effort to contact your old classmates.



01/14/2006 * 00:40:17

Imagine finding a web site of beautiful art and learning that the artist is a classmate you haven't seen since 5th grade!
You've come a long way, Ken. (I called you Kenny then :)


  Ann Horton

12/14/2005 * 15:53:11

Hi Ken! Finally found you on the web and I'm impressed, especially by your use of color and light. And, of course, I love the Ojai scenes. It would be wonderful to meet with you sometime to talk about art, instead of Ginger! Best wishes for much success. Peace.


  Sue McIntosh

11/06/2005 * 12:41:43

Hi, Ken--How wonderful to see you and chat yesterday! I like your work very much, especially the moose, southern Utah (we have recently returned from a 4K-mile driving trip of the west), and Liz and the snowman. You're very talented! Sue


  Rachel Clark

10/17/2005 * 14:43:36

I am so glad to have stumbled upon your painting web site. I can find myself getting lost in a peaceful daydream by viewing your landscapes. You have inspired me to pick up my paint brush for the first time in over a year!


  John Shuey ( homepage )

08/21/2005 * 09:04:59

Hi Ken,

Happened on your site serendipitously, and thought I'd say hi.

I'm sort of the unofficial Shuey Family historian (11,000 person d.b.), so I'm always interested when I "meet" a "cousin".

I like your work, and plan to visit again.


  Poshu Huang

05/22/2005 * 16:20:46

Ken's paintings of nature give me a zen-like peaceful consciousness. I feel like I am in the picture, better yet, the picture is in me. They speak silently, yet the serenity and harmony the pictures commnicate are truly beyond words.


  Peggy Day

02/06/2005 * 23:55:55

Absolutely AWESOME gallery, Ken!!! The moose cooling is my favorite, Ojai valley is next. But Samoa and New England ones are wonderful, too! Your bio is simply amazing - so glad to know you!



  Bob ( homepage )

12/11/2004 * 14:22:34

Excellent work was out in New Mexico not to long ago and your impressions brought it back to life.
Best and then some
paint on


  Tom Drury

09/29/2004 * 02:19:59


What a multi-talented man you are. Such a pleasure to see on canvas the country we grew up in and love. Keep up the great work and I hope to be able to hang one on my wall some day.

Tom Drury


  david jorgensen

09/27/2004 * 12:39:27

Ken - I love your paintings. Someday my grandchildren will be telling their friends that I knew you (and more impressive still ... I was your friend).


  Melissa and Dan

09/24/2004 * 16:59:48

Hey Uncle Ken...
Great paintings. Where are the Ojai mountains? You have made us want to go there to see them for ourselves. It seems as though all great paintings should foster that desire in the person experiencing the painting. Peace.
Melissa and Dan



09/23/2004 * 23:58:27

G. K.,

Traveling man, ski bum, humorist, musician, anthropologist, author, inventor, designer, teacher, family man, activist, creative genius, painter of horses and, not least of all, friend -- what a Shuey! Now a painter accessible in cyberspace too.

I'll second all that's been enumerated here by others. It's a delight seeing the many glowing and peaceful scenes displayed on these pages.

Rejang Roberto


  Joseph Theroux

09/23/2004 * 23:23:37

Ken's fans in the Pacific Islands are surprised to see this different world he has shown us, one of dusty mountains, rivers and plains -- but while the scenes may be foreign to us, they are beautiful and evocative. What lovely work!


  Ed and Mary Ann

09/23/2004 * 23:08:10

Hey, bro, thanks for sharing your talents with us and the cyberworld. We hope you'll have lots of success with this lifelong dream. Remember, you'll have some good paintings in Chattanooga soon, too. Please keep us posted.
ED and MA

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