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Taking a Second Look at Abstract Art

by Kelli , February 28, 2010—10:25 PM

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Abstract art seems to be so misunderstood. I had a friend tell me that she didn__™t like abstract art and ___what was so great about a Jackson Pollock-she could easily paint something like that.___ I asked her if she had ever stood in front of an original Pollock painting and experienced the emotion that his work relays.

Jackson Pollock said that every good artist paints what he is. I think this is especially true of abstract art. Abstract artists paint feelings, emotions, fears, dreams, thoughts, perceptions and the unconscious. A piece of music, a smell, a memory, a touch, a sound can all inspire an abstract artist to pour this out onto a canvas.

Abstract art is a way to have complete creativity with a piece because there are no boundaries. The artist can simply express what is happening in their world at the time. The viewer may have a completely different perspective on the painting than what was in the painter__™s head at the time and that__™s what makes it so intriguing. I may paint something that reminds me of a dream I had and the viewer may see it in completely different terms. Perhaps it will take them back to a certain memory, sight or sound that resonates within them. Whenever they view the painting it takes them back to that place.

Abstract art can evoke feelings that change over time. I__™ve painted pieces that I didn__™t feel were my best at the time but once I lived with them for awhile they had a different effect on my psyche. They became like a favorite pair of shoes or the wonderful vacation I__™ll never forget. A painting of a bowl of fruit will always look like a bowl of fruit no matter what. An abstract painting will change through the seasons, years and events that happen in the world. It has a lasting quality.

It__™s worth opening yourself up to abstract art and using all of your senses to get an idea of what the piece is saying to you. My friend who was not a fan of Pollock emailed me the other day and told me she wasn__™t a fan of abstract art, but that she had fallen in love with a couple of my pieces. She let herself move out of her box and was able to experience the beauty of abstract art. I encourage everyone else to take a second look at abstract and see where it takes you.



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