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Kathleen Swaydan About

Artist__™s Statement: My interest in objective realism is grounded in the study of still life from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The still-life genre interests me not only because of its long history originating in ancient times, but also because it provides an unlimited supply of subject matter that can be ___set-up___ and drawn or painted. Most of my compositions feature vessels or objects that can hold or contain other objects. Fruit and pods contain seeds, vases hold both seen and unseen items, and frames enclose works of art. My medium of choice is graphite on paper although I also work in watercolor and oil. However, with graphite I can model and sculpt objects by building on the nuances of each surface represented by those objects comprising my compositions. Although the objects change from drawing to drawing, I strive for consistency in developing complex displays that engage the viewer. 7 comments



Born and raised in Southern California, my education through high school was in South Pasadena after which I attended Pasadena City College where I earned my AA in Fine Art. I hold two Bachelor of Arts degrees one in Art with an emphasis in painting and drawing, the other in Art History both from the University of Southern California. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Italian Renaissance Art History from Syracuse University, New York. The research and presentation of my Master__™s thesis was conducted in Florence, Italy where I resided for one year. Since completing my MA in 2003, I have focused on making art. I am a member of and exhibit with the Pasadena Society of Art and the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre.


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