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Kevin Crowley About

Artist/Musician based in Southern New Hampshire. 4 comments


Born into a musical family, my interest in music began immediately and I was interested in percussion as an infant. I began playing at 17 months old, self-taught, and when I wasn't playing or listening to music, I was drawing. I was mostly interested in depicting the human form and creating accurate likenesses. I excelled in art and sculpting during school years until high school, when I was introduced to the basics of painting by my art teacher, Mr. Marco Marchi. Never having painted before, it quickly became my most-used means of expression. My themes are almost always musical, sometimes caricatures and always extremes in color. I opt for the easily accessible and versatile acrylic. I seem to pay tribute to heroes like Rock Stars, Jazz & Blues musicians and such. But occassionally a theme inspires me to depict a scene full of mood and movement. I also enjoy limiting the use of color into tri-tone images with multiple vignettes in a large piece. My themes remain directly or indirectly musical, sometimes with a historic slant. I like the challenge of being commissioned to capture one's favorite musician in action, and have done many.


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