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Kayla Clark About

Kayla Clark is an imaginative illustrator, painter, photographer and teacher who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. Her works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and technique. Kayla has developed an innovative style that allows her to create works in any style of art needed to convey feeling and/or thoughts. Her use of vibrant colors and strong lines make her work an excellent choice for a wide range of projects and purposes. Kayla is accomplished in using traditional methods as well as modern technique. Although Kayla loves to express her vision through art, she is also adept at creating commercial works and readily communicates the vision of her clientel Add Comment


Kayla Clark is a primarily self-taught artist, although she studied Graphic Design at OCC in Syracuse,NY. Born in 1973 in San Diego, California, Kayla took to art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. Hence the name Crayonberrie Arts. Throughout her childhood, Kayla developed an appreciation for her majestic surroundings. She would often sit in tress for hours with pastels and pad, or sit in a meadow with acrylics and canvas. Years of artistic expression made it clear that Kayla's life would be centered upon her passion for art.

Kayla is now a professional artist and teacher full-time. She lives in Syracuse with her husband John, and three children, Shane, Erik and Hailen.


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