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Katlyn Quinn Art Blog

New Project

by katlynq , April 10, 2010—11:37 PM

Topics: painting glass, pansies, watercolor

Well, I have been gathering stock photos of pansies for a new expedition in watercolors. If all goes well I might try them in oils. Watercolors are my security blanket; I test all my potential ideas out out with them. I think that it helps me get to know the subject matter a little bit better. My newest challenge (for myself) is to paint glass, so I think I will put the pansies in a mason jar. I still have to sketch it all out and I'm wondering what else I should put in. Right now, all I can see in my mind is a deeply shaded table of some sort, but more will come later (Hopefully)...If they turn out decent, I'll post pictures, and blog some more.



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